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APiRC Group

is entered in the Register of Training Services (PL) under the number 2.24/00159/2017.
We meet the requirements of the Training and Development Services Standard of Polish Chamber of Training Companies (SUS 2.0)







ethical codex


In business

Maximizing the company's dynamic development opportunities by building various competencies of the entire company team, creating high motivation to act and working on the awareness, values and resources of both the company and employees.

In personal life 

Help in finding motivation for constant development of one's Self in all spheres of life concerning a given person, as well as internal and external transformation aimed at improving the quality of life and activities of both the given person and his/her environment.


In sports

Work in all aspects of the Great Triad of the development of the sports pyramid (Parent - Child - Trainer).

In education

Identification of young people's resources and capabilities and optimization of activities conducive to their sustainable development.

ethical codex

Akademia Przemiany i Rozwoju Człowieka Anna Lewicka – training, consulting, coaching, psychological services


The Anna Lewicka Academy of Human Transformation and Development makes every effort to ensure that the conducted trainings reach the highest substantive and formal level of implementation. Classes are tailored strictly to the needs of the client. If necessary, the training program may be modified at every stage of cooperation. The fulfillment of orders is accompanied by the overriding principle of usefulness and profitability for the customer.


All arrangements between the company and the Ordering Party are strictly confidential and the Customer can count on full discretion regarding the information provided or disclosed. information. This applies to all aspects of cooperation.


The Anna Lewicka Academy of Human Transformation and Development is a constantly learning organization. This means an emphasis on continuous development, readiness to accept criticism and constant correction of possible errors based on post-training and coaching evaluation.


The company places great emphasis on punctuality and reliability of services. All projects are carried out in accordance with the established schedule.


The proposed training courses are always prepared for a specific client, after detailed identification and analysis of training needs. The company does not use ready-made educational programs, except when the client clearly expresses such expectations. Each order is treated individually and implemented in accordance with the needs and assumptions specified in the specification of a specific training service and in mutual obligations.


The company disseminates, promotes and uses only modern, rational, scientific knowledge in the field of psychology.


The training methodology used is eclectic. This means that the scope of knowledge transferred is not limited by the company to one theory, theoretical orientation, approach or paradigm. In the implementation of classes, all available resources of rational knowledge are used for the greatest benefit of Users. Particular emphasis is placed on knowledge that is easy to apply, practical and useful, coming primarily from experience.


Trainer  the person conducting the classes is a person with appropriate qualifications and professional experience, confirmed by adequate documents (at the Client's request, available for inspection at any time).  The company employs only specialists in a specific field to provide all training.


In the introductory part of the training, the trainer, as a representative of the training company, concludes a training contract with the participants. A training contract is a verbal or written agreement specifying the general conditions of group cooperation, limits of mutual interference in personal space, regulations regarding housekeeping, etc. The trainer and participants undertake to comply with the provisions of the contract.


Each training User, regardless of any personal characteristics, views or affiliation to any organizations and social groups (ethnic, religious, national and other), is a full member of the training group. The company places great emphasis on conducting classes in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding, taking care of the well-being and full comfort of each participant.


Most of the training is conducted in workshops. Each training participant has the right to refuse to participate in a specific exercise if he or she believes that such participation unacceptably violates his or her personal space.


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